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The perfect setting for the new retreat programs

Located adjacent to the BodyHoliday is a sensational Caribbean Villa called Villa Firefly. Recently acquired by the resort, following some remodeling and landscaping linking the two properties together, the Villa now provides the perfect setting and venue for the BodyHoliday retreats due to start in January 2018.

It offers the opportunity as a sanctuary to those seeking to achieve their goals through one of the retreat programs, but also with the many incredible offerings of the BodyHoliday to hand as required.

Firefly is an elegant Caribbean residence set in beautiful gardens complete with Yoga lawn and swimming pool. The grand entrance opens to a specious living area with a superb dining table seating at least 12. An oversized terrace wraps around the main building and offers several comfortable sitting areas plus another huge dining table.

From the entrance hall, two winding staircases lead to an upper mezzanine level from which you have access to four double en suite bedrooms. A fifth bedroom suite adjoins the entrance hall and a guest cottage adjacent to the main building make up all the sleeping accommodations.

Firefly has a grand kitchen, equipped with state of the art appliances and with a large central preparation island, ideal for cookery classes, that will form a part of some of the retreats schedule. There is internet service throughout and TV in every room.






An important part of the retreats is a focus on healthy eating and the kitchen at Firefly has the space and equipment for any retreat group to take part in a hands on session, whether it be experimenting with Ayurvedic cuisine, Yogic diets, understand the best balance for your own “Dosha” or delving into the mysteries of Rastafarian “ITAL” cooking.

Part of the enjoyment of a retreat with between 12 -15 participants is the camraderie that naturally occurs during the week and that is fostered by the idea of communal dining. Firefly has the space and suitable furnishings to make that a memorable experience.

However the facilities of the BodyHoliday are still available for any guest who prefers to partake in the resort activities and dining.